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Our Story

Hello, I'm Karen, MD of Strider Bike Distribution for the UK and Ireland.

In 2010 I wanted to teach my own children aged 2 and 4 how to ride a bike but found difficulty in finding a bike that wasn't too heavy or that was designed around little people. The eldest was on stabilisers and going nowhere fast. Wobbling from side to side, as stabilisers never truly both work at the same time, she couldn't get up and down kerbs and balance was a skill that just wasn't being learnt. This is when I discovered the Strider Bike. Both my children learned how to safely ride and balance a bike using a STRIDER® and very quickly, but more importantly independently their self-confidence grew and I could see the coordination improving daily. On trips around the park, complete strangers, alongside many friends and neighbours asked where we got the smart looking bikes from, and this is when the idea of the Strider and retailing them in the UK came into play. 

Over the next couple of years, we became the largest online retailer of Strider in the UK and in 2014 became the exclusive distributor for Strider across the UK and Ireland. Strider has now sold 1,000,000 bikes and have taught more toddlers and young children how to ride a bike than any other brand.  The man behind the design Ryan McFarland, was the genius who contributed to the success.

RyanDesigner- Ryan McFarland

Hi, my names Ryan McFarland.

When I was a boy my dad owned a motorcycle shop and raced dirt bikes, this is where my passion for riding dirt and mountain bikes came in. When I became a father, and my son turned 2 I was eager to get him out riding a bike, but this soon turned to disappointment when my son of just 20 pounds struggled with the weight and complexity of these so-called 'children's bikes'.

Being a dad I wanted him to succeed; the racer in me wanted to build him a better bike.

After days of ideas, I removed the entire drive train which dramatically lightened and simplified the bike. It also allowed me to cut the frame down further to lower the centre of gravity and increase the stability – now my little boy could sit on the bike with both feet solidly on the ground. My son soon learned how to ride and balance a bike perfectly, as he was no longer afraid of falling, I still remember him shouting 'watch me, watch me'!

The essence of riding is balancing on two wheels and leaning through turns. Propulsion can come in many forms, the simplest of which is 'striding'.

About Us

We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service skills and are determined to keep every customer happy. If you are not completely satisfied all bikes are sold with a 60 day no quibble refund policy and we guarantee a phenomenal experience, free next day delivery (or two days if you are remote) and after sales service.

Whenever you give us a call, you will be speaking to a parent who has had first-hand experience in what you are looking for, so are able to understand your needs exactly.