5 good reasons to ride to school

There are loads of benefits of finding new ways to travel to school other than car or public transport.

However, we know from experience that if you’re used to the comfort of driving in your own car it can be hard to give up the routine, particularly in the winter months.

But can we convince you to bring your child to school on their balance bike for those warmer months maybe?

Here's a few very good reasons that may ring true with you.

No more road rage ...

Nobody likes taking the car anywhere near the school gates at 9am; it can be absolute bedlam!

Even if you're part of the convoy of cars on their way to the classroom, it’s still a rather stressful and frustrating trip.

Unless you're able to be super early and enjoy a bit of chit chat while you wait for the rush to be round, that is. (We can almost hear you laughing at the prospect of being able to leave the house early for school!)

So, avoid the jams, the double yellow lines, the road rage and the hassle and let your little one ride their balance bike to school. You’d be surprised that it may even take the same amount of time to ride there as it does to drive!

Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike Why not buy them a stunning Strider Bike for the ride to school?

Save the earth and your pennies ...

The less you use your car, the less pollution there’ll be in the air. Simple. You’ll save money on petrol too, mileage on your car and wear on your tyres.

If you use public transport, you’ll make savings instantly and can use the money you spent on fares for cool new balance bike accessories your kids will love!

Make the trip to and from school exciting ...

If your child feels a bit nervous about school, then a ride on their balance bike is the perfect distraction. They’ll be excited to see you and come home at the end of the day too, especially if the ride home is all downhill.

Be healthy and strong ...

All the extra exercise will help your child develop plenty of new skill and strength and help them feel healthy and energised.

Balance bikes promote good spatial awareness, hand-eye co-ordination, confidence, and of course balance. And having a ride on a bike is a great way to get some air and wake up properly in the morning.

Riding a balance bike is fantastic for building strength in the core muscles and legs. Sure they have loads of fun all day at school, but doing something fun to get there will help them to start the day in a positive frame of mine.

And if you’re lucky a ride home might tire them out in time for dinner.

Instil good lifestyle habits ...

Children that have only ever been driven around are much more likely to grow into adults that only ever drive everywhere, even to the corner shop.

Break the cycle and show them that walking and riding to get somewhere is a perfectly sensible, healthier, cheaper and more enjoyable way to get around town.

Why not give it a go for the rest of the summer term, and send us your pictures on Facebook?

Keep striding! 

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