Reasons to be Cheerful: Fantastic Amazon Reviews for our Strider 12s ...

There are heaps of reasons why you should try Strider balance bikes, and if you’ve been following our blog, by now you’ll know about all of the benefits of buying your child a lightweight balance bike versus a traditional bicycle or wooden balance bike.

But, why should you believe what we say? I mean, we're going to be a touch biased, right?

Really you should see what our customers say about us, our products and our customer service.

An ideal way to check out our credentials is to look at our Amazon Reviews, particularly some of those we've received for our Strider 12 Range of balance bikes. These are genuine verified customer purchases and not the Vine reviews where people give free product for feedback - we wouldn't do that!

What our customers are saying in their Amazon reviews ...

Great Amazon Reviews for the Strider 12 Sport Great Amazon Reviews for the Strider 12 Sport ...

The bikes themselves:

A lot of our Amazon reviews emphasise the difference in quality of Strider bikes compared to cheaper versions that customers have bought previously, and they say that they're much happier with our bikes overall.

Lindy Lou said:

"Extremely pleased. Grandson aged 18 months loved it. Well-made and easy to put together."

Phillip Gallagher said:

"Strider was much easier for my little boy to get to grips with due to its size and weight."

The happy riders:

Obviously, we can tell all about how amazing our balance bikes are until we're blue in the face, but the real proof is in how much the bike is used by the happy little riders that you’ll buy it for and how much they like it.

William O said:

"My 3 year old loves his bike, he is always on it."

Ash said:

"This is a fantastic bike. My son wasn’t even 2 and was whizzing around on it like a maniac, he loves it!"

GW & JB Pickard said:

"You can’t go anywhere without him asking to ride his bike."

Georgie Rumming said:

"My almost 2 year old has had this since Christmas and uses it every day. It's easy enough to clean that he can use it in the house as well as outside (we have floorboards so he loves this) and due to how light it is when he originally struggled to get the concept of steering he used to just lift the bike to turn around a corner! In fact, we are so impressed that we will be buying another one for his brothers first birthday so they can race around together rather than after each other!"

But possibly the most amusing of all ...

“Doesn’t magically change colour - My 2 year old daughter loves it. 5 minutes after it arrived she asked for a red one, but she's learned to accept that it's going to have to stay green”

You’ve got to love those little ones and the way they change their favourite colours, often immediately after their parents shell out on a lovely present!

The good thing with a Strider though is that you can buy grips, seats and wheels in 8 different colours for those indecisive toddlers and little people.

Great Amazon Reviews for the Strider 12 Classic Great Amazon Reviews for the Strider 12 Classic ...


The customer service:

We of course try very hard to maintain our excellent customer service, and we try to provide as friendly and personal a service as we possibly can, even when we’re busy.

And it makes us really proud to see written evidence that our customers are experiencing what we aim for:

Phil Morris said:

I am very impressed at their customer service... fantastic level of customer support”

H.S. said:

I had a few questions after purchasing the bike about delivery etc and Karen at Strider UK couldn't have been more helpful”

And finally here’s our favourite Amazon review of all ...

Rolls Royce of balance bikes"

Now that’s a compliment, Thanks Discoeye!

Keep Striding! 

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