When is a Strider Not a Strider?


Copies and imitation products are something we''ve all encountered and sometimes they can be okay – a handbag basically still does the same job when it's a copy for example, even though it might not last quite as long or look as good.

But when the product in question is a bike, then an imitation can never do everything that the original can do and this is especially true when the bike in question is a Strider.

Strider bikes - why so good?

In case you haven’t already encountered the brand, Strider are specialists in metal balance bikes for children aged from eighteen months up to five years of age.

We first launched our Strider balance bikes back in 2007 and have since built up a strong reputation as the leader in the balance bike field.

Part of the reason for this is our heavy emphasis on quality and safety, areas of key importance to parents when buying any product for their child.

Strider bikes are very widely available in the UK market due to our partnership with a network of bike retailers around the country.

Don't buy fake Strider Bikes - find an authorised dealer

In fact, we take pride in being big supporters of small businesses and this relationship is mutually beneficial as it helps them and gives us the chance to extend our retail network, so allowing prospective customers the chance to easily find a shop within a suitable distance of their home.

Prospective customers can also use our Store Locator to find authorised dealers in their area.

Authorised dealers can not only give helpful advice, but because they're a small business they care about offering you the right products.

Research shows that riding a bike is beneficial to a child’s health and wellbeing. It encourages their development and growth as well as boosting their confidence and allowing them that sense of independence.

Learning to ride takes different amounts of time and effort for different children but having the right bike can go a long way to helping the process.

So why avoid fake Strider Bikes?

We do understand that it must be tempting to pay a little less and buy one of the copy Strider Bikes that are available on the market today.

For all intents and purposes, they do look similar to a Strider from a distance! But we would strongly urge you to think twice.

These copies just don’t match the quality testing and manufacturing standards that we adhere to religiously.

For example, Strider bikes are certified for 18 months plus - most fake Strider Bikes on the market are only suitable for age three plus.

This means they can be a health and safety hazard if used by very young children and in the worst case scenario can actually be a potential choking hazard.

Fake Strider Bikes can also have a number of other failings relating to the manufacturing process and longevity of the end product.

These include poor welding, lower quality wheel bearings and cheap wheels that can break. The lesser quality parts used in these copy bikes means they quite simply don’t have the longevity of a Strider and the biking experience won’t be as good. Even the saddles can have sharp staples to cut little hands. Ouch.


It also has to be said that the brands who produce these fake Strider Bikes do not have the same values as us in their general operating principles.

For example, we have a comprehensive aftersales service as well as education programs that help teach children - and adults if required - to ride. We also run many special events around the country promoting the social and health benefits that can be gained from bike riding in general. We love striding and we love encouraging others to get involved!

We live and breathe our product to ensure we offer 100% satisfaction every single time and it is an unfortunate fact that certain manufacturers out there try and emulate this with substandard copies that just don’t do the job in the same unique way - or for as long as - a Strider Bike.


However, there’s no need to just take our word for it. Why not take a look at a few of the product recommendations and awards we’ve received from other organisations who love our product?

And remember the saying "Buy cheap, buy twice."

Keep striding!

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