Buy Balance Bike Accessories for a fresh new look in 2016.

You know what they say - new year, new look.

If last year was the “big Christmas with the bike,” and you’re stuck for a few ideas this year, or if you bought a balance bike for your child’s birthday and want to keep the excitement going, then our collection of balance bike accessories are the perfect Christmas present or stocking filler.

Perhaps your eldest has grown out of their balance bike but the youngest is yet to ride. In which case, you can turn an old bike into new with a complete refresh and change around of the accessories to make it look like a completely new model.

Balance bike accessories - you change colours as much as your child changes their course ...

balance bike accessories saddle and seatposts

Balance bikes are notoriously much easier to steer than standard metal framed bikes, so the proud owners of a Strider will be used to being able to change direction as much as they like, being independent and adventurous.

But they can also change their minds about the look of their bike too, because it’s super easy to swap over the balance bike accessories in an instant.

For example, with six different colours of handle bar grips to choose from, there could be a red day, a green day, or even a mix and match day!

Grips can be removed and fitted by adults with a little bit of a jiggle and a lubricant, but can’t just be pulled on or off by children.

Other balance bike accessories that can be colour matched include saddles and seatposts, along the fantastic ultra-light wheels.

So your little Strider rider could have a smart bike with matching bright wheels, handle bar grips and saddle, perhaps contrasting orange and blue, pink and white… or any combination they can think of.

Build a balance bike for all terrains ...

all terrain wheel set accessory

If you started with the basic Strider model you can add to the versatility of the bike with some add-on balance bike accessories that will bring on new adventures.

One of our coolest accessories are our add on snow-skis that turn the balance bike into an awesome winter toy that offers a great introduction to skiing. It's much more fun, and safer, than sledging as the steering is certainly more reliable.  

Or, for exploring on rugged terrain, pick up some heavy duty wheels that will endure the gravel and grit of off road bike tracks, woodland trails and concrete jungles. The only limit is your imagination!

A sporty little number ...

 sporty grips accessories

Why not add on a customizable handlebar number plate kit and line up for a race?

Equipped with helmet, biking gloves, elbow and knee pads your little star will be ready to win.

For downhill racing you might just want to think about adding a brake kit too.

And for the times when they just want to admire their bike from afar, or tidy it away neatly in the garage, shed or play room, bike stands made to fit Strider bikes are the perfect balance bike accessory.

Prices for our Strider balance bike accessories start at just £4.50 and many parts will suit a range of models.

If you need help choosing the right Strider Bike accessories, just get in touch.

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