Become a Balance Bike Champion!

A balance bike is the easiest and safest way to learn to ride a bike – for both children and adult learners.

In fact, balance bikes make learning how to ride a bike an incredibly fun and social experience. Which is exactly why Strider Bike like to put on events across the UK to celebrate everyone’s love of the balance bike culture!

There are even events where your child can learn to use their balance bikes with other children.

Learn to become a Balance Bike Champion with Strider Bike UK ...


These ‘Learn to Ride’ events are the perfect opportunity for your child to not only take the first step in learning to balance by themselves in a safe environment, but they also provide positive learning environments children as well.

These sessions are designed to really build confidence in every child on both how to use to their balance bike and to develop the skills needed for interacting and making friends with other children.

Sessions are focused on fun, so your child won’t feel like they’re getting trained – they’ll be too busy having a great time with their balance bike and the other children!

Then there’s the added sense of accomplishment that they’ll get from earning their Balance Bike Graduation Certificate to take home and put on the wall.

It’s no wonder our kids leave feeling so confident in their abilities.


You can find your nearest balance bike training session here.

You don’t even need to bring a balance bike, there will be plenty on site meaning the kids can try them to see if they like the experience before you buy one for them.  

Everyone’s a Balance Bike Champion at a Strider Event ...

It’s not just training session events that Strider Bikes run.

We also run competition events to boost your child’s balancing abilities and confidence even more.

A cracking day out for all the family, the races are aimed at those between the ages of 2-5. Under 2’s are welcome but they will be racing alongside the 2-year-olds.

Those taking part in the races must be on a genuine Strider Balance Bike, with entry costing just £15 per child.

And every child who enters will receive a medal, so these races are less about who crosses the finish line first and instead totally focused on every child taking part – a sure way to boost their balancing confidence!

They really are a roaring success - just read the example feedback we receive from the parents who attend:

 "My little one gained so much confidence by being part of this event, he has always loved to ride his strider but can often become shy in large groups, I was amazed how he got involved having FUN with other children who also enjoyed riding their striders TOGETHER. The smile on his face was priceless,"

Lucy, mum to Ethan, 2.

Events currently scheduled are due to take place on the 26th June 2016 at the Birmingham BMX Tracks in the East Midlands and on the 4th September 2016 at the Cyclopark in Kent.

Entries for these events will sell out fast, so if you are interested in coming along then you can learn more about the events and how to enter here or check out the nearest STRIDER centre to you with the locator.

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