Strider’s a go for Edinburgh Nurseries - The Balance Bike Project

The Bike Station are a registered charity based in Newington, Edinburgh and Strider Bike UK are delighted to be the at the centre of their new initiative supplying Strider Bikes to all local authority nurseries across Edinburgh.

This hugely exciting project has already seen them get funding from Edinburgh Council to introduce Strider Bikes into 25 nurseries in some of the more disadvantaged areas of the city. The Bike Station have taken the bull by the horns themselves by starting their own Balance Bike Project on Crowdfunder to raise further funds.

The Bike Station - What's the story?

This fantastic charity's roots go back to the late 90s when a group of Edinburgh parents came together for an informal bike swap.

Within a couple of years the parent who initiated the original bike swap found their home had become overrun with second hand donated bikes!

It became very apparent that there was a huge opportunity here, and by 2002 funding had been acquired and the Castle Cliff Bicycle Workshop was opened.

Castle Cliff Workshop - 2002 Castle Cliff Workshop - 2002

Demand for second hand bikes continued to grow at a rapid pace that, just a year later in 2003, Castle Cliff relocated to a much larger site on Edinburgh’s Causewayside and was renamed The Bike Station.

The First Bike Station The First Bike Station

Today there are also Bike Stations in Glasgow and Perth operating full time hours to cope with the massive demand.  

Glasgow Bike Station Glasgow Bike Station

Why The Balance Bike Project?

The Bike Station sum this up perfectly on their website …

“We know how important it is for kids to be active. It helps them to stay healthy, reducing obesity rates. But not only that - being active also has a great impact on their learning abilities, and helps focus and develop social skills.”   

And, as we know only to well, balance bikes offer a great way to promote the above ideas in young children for many different reasons.

A few of the key benefits The Bike Station aim to offer the children in Edinburgh nurseries through the provision of balance bikes are listed below.

  • Lots of fun.
  • A great introduction to cycling and all the benefits that it offers.
  • Helping children develop key co-ordination skills.
  • Boosting confidence through the sense of independence and achievement that balance bikes offer.
  • To promote active free play and help build essential life skills like problem solving, sharing and planning.
  • To promote a commitment to physical activity in that critical, ‘first ten year window,’ of a child’s life.
Balance Bike Project Balance Bike Project

All the practical areas are covered by the project as well.

By providing shiny new Strider bikes, The Bike Centre are offering a resource that will benefit many different children over a number of years. Strider Bike UK have extended the warranty to 5 years to support the project too.

How can you help The Balance Bike Project?

  1. Offer a donation on  
  2. Spread the word amongst your friends and family. You never know, we may even see this rolled out into other areas of Scotland and the UK.
  3. Get active with The Bike Project on Facebook and Twitter.

Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

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