Balance Bikes versus Stabilisers?

Remember stabilisers on your bike?

Remember how totally uncool they would make your shiny new bike look?

We do.

And they haven’t changed much over time either. Some bikes now come with matching stabilisers, but they still shout, ‘I need help,’ in the minds of our children.

You’ll know as well as we do that children love to be independent, love to prove that they can do things on their own and feel grown up, not have everyone see that they are still learning.

Of course, there is still a need to go through the learning phase of getting balance on a bike, getting used to moving, steering, and stopping, but we just think there is a better way of doing it.

Reasons we don’t like stabilisers ...

  1. They are just another extra thing to be added to the assembly of a bike.
  2. They make a horrible noise when moving, as they’re generally made of hard rattling plastic.
  3. They spoil the look of the bike particularly when the bike is new.
  4. They add more weight to the already heavy bike.
  5. They limit the movement and turning circle of a bike making it much less fun to ride.
  6. They limit muscle strengthening and sense of balance.
  7. They make pedalling much harder to learn as the small wheels move at a different speed to the bike wheels.
  8. Removing them can feel like a really big “thing” to the child, giving them a reason to be fearful of riding their bike without stabilisers.
  9. Once they’re off, they’re a pretty pointless piece of kit that will kick around your shed or loft for years.

Balance Bikes vs Stabilisers

Balance Bikes versus Stabilisers? Why balance bikes are the winners every time ...

Well of course we would say this, but, when it comes down to comparing balance bikes versus stabilisers it is, quite simply, true.

Balance bikes are a much more sensible, and fun way to learn to ride a bike without the need for stabilisers.

Our Strider Bikes have interchangeable coloured wheels as an optional extra, so the only modifications are cool ones, not clumsy looking ones and a balance bike tends to look much sleeker and smarter than other training bikes, feeling much more grown up!

What’s also great about a balance bike is that they’re so lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and have a full steering range so from day one, there’s not so much of a big gap from the learning stage to riding a full bike.

There are no pedals, or brakes to contend with, so instead of having to learn and trust new, ‘contraptions.’ the child learns that they are in control of the bike, not the other way round.

They’ll also build all the muscles they need to be able to balance effectively, so the transition to ‘big bike’ is completely seamless.

And when your child has outgrown their balance bike, unlike stabilisers, they’re much in demand and could easily be sold on to another family instead of gathering dust and cobwebs in the garage.

Take a look at our shiny collection of balance bikes for ages 18 months upwards and see for yourself why they’re so popular and win the ‘Balance Bikes versus Stabilisers’ argument hands down, every time!

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