The Best Starter Bikes For Their Cycling Life ...

Consider this before making your decision on the best starter bike for your child... ...

It goes without saying that as parents we want the very best for our children.

Whether it’s the best education, best activity classes or to just help them to have the best childhood – we’ll do whatever it takes. Which is why when it comes to learning how to ride a bike, your child deserves the very best too.

What you may not realise is that the best starter bike for your child doesn’t have to be the traditional stabilisers approach.

The problem with stabilisers or training wheels is that your child will spend months or even years relying on these additions to allow them to balance and ride freely.

When your child then wants to progress onto balancing with a ‘grown-up’ bike, you’re expecting that child to go from zero-balance to full balance in just minutes. It's very hard!

It is little wonder that the first few weeks can be full of bruises and upsets.

The Best starter bikes for cycling life ...


The best starter bikes are balance bikes ...

They work by not having pedals on the bike, meaning that in order to move your child will need to learn how to balance effectively – a skill which will help them progress onto a ‘grown-up’ bike much more smoothly - and, in most cases, a lot more quickly.  

Give your little one more independence today ...

When you use training wheels or stabilisers for a starter bike a lot of adult supervision is required – even more so when those wheels come off.

As your child learns you will need to invest lots of time into holding the bike, running alongside and acting as first aider.

Of course, all the falls that come naturally with taking off the training wheels are enough to make any parent a little panicky.

This is not a great state of mind to be projecting when your child is trying to learn.

Children pick up on their parents' emotions, so if you’re being jumpy, this will, in turn, make your child paranoid about falling off.

If your child feels like they’re going to fall off a balance bike then they simply put their feet down. This leads to much fewer falls, less paranoia, and far more confident children.

Plus your child will be gaining independence as they take full charge of the experience.

toddler perfecting his balance

A real plus when older siblings are involved ...

Due to the similarities in the design of balance bikes to those pedal bikes ridden by older children, the younger brother or sister will still have the confidence to play outside on their bike without any feeling of embarrassment or inferiority.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of balance bikes as the best starter bikes for kids, however, is the fact that your child will advance to that ‘big bike’ much faster.

Instead of progressing at ages 5-6, balance bikes offer a genuine potential for your child to upgrade as young as 3-4 years old.

This in turn gives them a real sense of achievement and a further boost to the confidence that is such an important part of growing up.

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