The best toy for a 2 year old - a STRIDER balance bike.

A Strider Balance bike is the best toy for a 2 year old!

As parents we have managed to fill a garage to the roof, with discarded toys bought as the perfect gift; that our children lost interest in quickly. We bought Strider Balance Bikes from the USA, 8 years ago now and they are the best present I have ever bought the kids.

Strider are the industry leaders of balance bike manufacturing. Strider Balance bikes have evolved through 9 years of design, research and continuous improvements.

  1. A Strider Bike won’t break.

Strider include a 60 day money back guarantee for your peace of mind. They are made of strong lightweight steel or aluminium and are indestructible. They won’t warp or crack like wooden toy bikes, and we have all the spares to do prepare it for the next child. After all, we did the research and designed it.

Strong clamps, quality powder coated frame, injection moulded seats, quality welds and wheels with sealed bearings are just a few of the features that make Strider world re known for their bikes.

The quality of our product is further endorsed by the many awards we've won but more importantly our reviews from parents. With a toddler being able to use it from when they can walk to 5 years plus, it offers the best value of any toy and most bikes become family heirlooms.

Time for some tricks Time for some tricks
  1. Balance Bikes help your child learn independence and STRIDER gives them a head start.

A child learning to ride a bike using stabilisers, requires A LOT of adult supervision, particularly once those wheels come off when you will need to hold the bike and be prepared for falls and tears.

A Strider Bike is a tool that your child can teach themselves to balance at their own pace. Because Strider’s are lighter and have a lower seat position of any other brand we start them younger too.

From when they can walk they can ride a Strider Bike.

It's a great way for your child to learn independence and confidence at a young age!

Mark Sleigh giving out a few tips Mark Sleigh giving out a few tips
  1. Strider Bikes are safer.

It is natural for parents to worry about nasty falls and scrapes, and this fear gets picked up by your child. Concrete can be very painful and riding on grass is tricky.

This leads to your child becoming hesitant too making the transition from stabilisers to pedal bike more traumatic than it needs to be.

This is not the case when you buy a Strider Bike, where you simply put your feet down to stop the falls and learn whilst having fun. Also as the bike passes the stringent safety testing for 18 months plus the bike is the safest available.

With a balance bike your child only has to concentrate on balancing as there are no distracting pedals or stabilisers, meaning they learn more quickly and more safely.


  1. Balance bikes replace all other trikes and ride-on toys.

We know that many parents' big concern when considering the option to buy a Strider Bike is that they can be seen as an expense.

A balance bike eliminates the need for a push handled trike, a tricycle and a 12” bicycle with stabilisers - so you can actually save money while making it easier for your child to learn. A Strider can be used for at least 4 years and kids, as they are so adjustable with the lowest and highest seat positions. Once they get on one, they won’t want to get off again!


  1. Your whole family can go on bike rides.

For parents with more than one child you’ll understand the frustration younger siblings can experience when brothers and sisters are out on their bikes.

Joining in on a bike with stabilisers isn’t the same. Kids feel left out and left behind whilst wobbling on a heavy bike. Parents are then stuck in between the one that is riding and the child that is going no-where fast.

But if you buy a Strider Bike they’ll love the independence it brings, allowing them to ride quickly and with ease. Family bike rides become fun again!

Family bike rides for all abilities Family bike rides for all abilities
  1. Strider Bikes help kids ride a pedal bike sooner.

Did you know that kids who learn with a balance bike have been known to progress to pedals at ages 3-4 rather than children who learn with stabilisers at around 5-6? With a Strider, most kids can ride a bike at 2 years if they started as a toddler. However due to a lack of good affordable quality, lightweight pedal bikes, kids still want their Strider until they are 5 and beyond, even when they can pedal as everything else is too heavy and cumbersome. 

UPDATE - We decided to create our own pedal Bike for 3 to 7 years - but better still The Strider 14X Sport Balance to Pedal Bike does exactly that. The bike starts in balance mode and then with one bolt you can add the Easy Ride Pedal Kit. Learn More


Come join the Strider family! If you need help choosing a Strider Bike for your child, just get in touch and we'll give you straight forward honest advice. We offer a 60 day no quibble refund, so it is in our interests to make sure you get the perfect first bike for your child to learn to ride on.


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