Don't Buy A Trike For Your Toddler Without Reading This...

Are you about to buy a trike for your toddler?
Then stop, think, and read on.

A common misconception is that trikes will be a great way to jump-start your toddler’s development, letting them learn how to steer, and sometimes pedal. (Or at least let their legs get pushed and pulled up and down whilst you wheel the trike along!)

But at Strider, we believe there's little value in a three-wheeled plastic pedaling machine or a heavy metal trike in terms of developing your child's motor skills and balance.

In fact, the trikes with big parent handles at the back are really little more than a geared up pushchair.

Future Olympians take note!

If you really want to give your child a head start in physical fitness, and have dreams of them achieving athletic success, then a 'proper' quality balance bike is the only way to go.

Small child on Strider bike

In fact, children as young as 5 months can start learning balance on a Strider Bike with some help from adults. By 12 - 18 months they can be independent.

How do we know this? It’s what our customers tell us and what we see!

Out of curiosity, we recently carried out a survey amongst some of our Strider UK Facebook fans to find the youngest little Strider user. You can see all the very touching pictures and comments on this popular thread.

We found that many families purchase a Strider for their first child, and then it will get passed on to younger siblings, but often the sibling will be encouraged to try the bike at a much younger age because the whole family will feel confident that it’s the right thing to do.

Because they're built to a fantastic high quality, they really will last that long!

Strider bikes are so lightweight, that they’re very easy to steer not only for tiny little hands but also for parents helping with balance.

It’s easy enough to hold the little one up and steer at the same time.

Of course, how young you start your child on a Strider is completely at your discretion, but our bikes are safety tested for ages 18 months and upwards, and designed to fit the average height child of this age. If your child can walk well, they can ride a Strider bike.

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Balance bike babies are better developed

A bold statement we know, but generally true!

Children that start life on balance bikes as opposed to trikes or heavy, standard child-size bicycles tend to have more confidence for a start because they haven’t been hindered by pedals or sacrificed strengthening exercise for stabilisers.

I'm sure you can remember the pain of scuffing your legs on your pedals when you were younger. Ouch!

Strider Bike two year old

They’ll also be quicker to develop spatial awareness through balance biking because the lightweight frame is so easy to manoeuvre that they’ll be able to explore in more curves and corners.

With leg power instead of pedal power, they can travel on almost any type of terrain.

Strider bikes will easily handle a forest trail or a two-track dirt road if you feel like a walk in the woods… try that with stabilisers or a trike!

Plus the tyres are super light and durable yet offer a smooth ride. These never need air and will never go flat.

Want to see our young Strider fans in action? Here's a selection of tiny Strider fans!

Nate at 1 year old! Nate at 1 year old!
Barney at 10 months old Barney at 10 months old


Macy at 17 months Macy at 17 months


Lewis at 18 months Lewis at 18 months


Wilfred at 20 months Wilfred at 20 months

So what are you waiting for?

Get striding today!

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