5 Fun Facts About Bikes You May Not Know ...

You probably see a bike every day without focusing on them.

And we're sure you have a bike, (or two or three!), at home. 

Nowadays, bikes have snazzy paints and lighter frames, so they're pretty different from your grandfather’s bike that he owned as a child. 

But there are some interesting facts about bikes that you may well not know and that's what we’d like to share...  

1. The first pedal bike was born in Scotland.

Yes, believe it or not, us Brits are responsible for engineering the first pedal bike. 

The clever Scots, the nation that brought us the telephone, the steam engine and other exciting, revolutionary inventions, are responsible for using the inspiration of the previously invented German dandy horse to create a pedalled toy. 

In fact, the dandy horse was technically a balance bike, so our beloved balance bikes were the first of the two-wheeled creations. Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a blacksmith from Dumfriesshire turned the dandy horse concept into the first two-wheeled pedal bike and he rode it 68 miles to Glasgow.

German Dandy Horse German Dandy Horse ...


2. Not only bikes but great cyclists come from Scotland too.

We are, of course, talking about Olympian Sir Chris Hoy MBE. 

Sir Chris was the only British Olympian to win 3 gold medals for 100 years in 2008, with the former record holder being Henry Taylor in 1908. 

He is also Scotland’s most successful Olympian and has six gold medals in total.

Chris Hoy, MBE Chris Hoy, MBE ...


3. One of the most expensive bicycles to buy in the UK costs £25,000.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most expensive pedal bikes you can buy in the UK is made by James Bond’s car manufacturer of choice, Aston Martin, in collaboration with a company that provides parts for Formula 1 cars. It takes seven people two weeks to make and is technologically advanced, with built-in monitoring in the handlebars and special materials used in the design. 

Project manager Simon Roberts poses with the new Aston Martin super cycle, which comes with a £25,000 price tag Project manager Simon Roberts poses with the new Aston Martin super cycle, which comes with a £25,000 price tag

4. The fastest speed recorded on a bicycle.

In the USA in 1995, Fred Rompelberg rode his bike behind a dragster car fitted with a special wind shield. 

The slipstream created by the car enabled Fred’s bike to achieve a speed of nearly 167 mph. 

Of course, many people young and old love speeding down hills on their balance bikes but we think the g-force from that sort of speed may be a little too much!

479 Guinness World Records for bikes 479 Guinness World Records for bikes ...


5. There are 479 Guinness World Records relating to bicycles.

From really long wheelies, to hurdling on bikes, back flips, bunny hops and tightrope riding, there are some very daring cyclists out there! 

We’ve heard of cycling dogs before, and even seen them on YouTube, but by far our favourite world record relating to bikes is the bizarre “Fastest 5 metres on a bicycle by a racoon”!

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