6 good reasons to buy a Strider Bike ...

We’ve all seen that vision of a perfect family with a child learning to ride a bike.

The child seems to get on their new bike, without stabilisers, for the first time and with just one little push from their parent, they cycle effortlessly down the street.

But is this really the case? 

How does a child go from training wheels to perfect balance in mere minutes?

Training wheels and stabilisers are a teaching method of the past; it’s all about balance bikes these days - and Strider Bike UK are a market leader.

Don’t believe us?

Here are 6 reasons to buy a Strider Bike today:

1. You buy a Strider Bike with confidence.

Strider Bike UK are a recognised and hugely trusted brand. We've sold well over 1,000,000 bikes to date. Can that many buyers be wrong?

The quality of our product is further endorsed by the many awards we've won. In fact, you can read more on our recent press here.

2. Strider Bikes help your child learn independence.

The main problem with a child learning to ride a bike using training wheels is that it requires A LOT of adult supervision, particularly once those wheels come off when you will need to hold the bike and be prepared for falls and tears.

When you buy a Strider Bike your child can teach themselves to balance at their own pace and to learn their own method. It's a great way for your child to learn independence and confidence at a young age!

buy a strider bike today Buy a Strider Bike, and forget the annoying stabilisers ...


3. Strider Bikes are safer

It can be a natural reaction for parents to worry about nasty falls from bikes, and this paranoia is noticed by your child. Concrete can be very painful and riding on grass is tricky.

And this can lead to your child becoming nervous too making the transition from training wheels to free balancing more traumatic than it needs to be.

This is not the case when you buy a Strider Bike, where you simply put your feet down to stop the falls.

With a balance bike your child only has to concentrate on balancing as there are no distracting pedals or stabilisers, meaning they learn more quickly and more safely.

4. Balance bikes are more economical in the long run.

We know that many parents' big concern when considering the option to buy a Strider Bike is that they can be seen an expense. 

All bikes are a considered purchase, which is why they're such popular Christmas presents.

But a balance bike eliminates the need for a tricycle and a 12” bicycle with training wheels - so you can actually save money while making it easier for your child to learn. One bike can last for years! 

5. Your child will be able to get out and play with other kids.

For parents with more than one child you’ll understand the frustration younger siblings can experience when brothers and sisters are out on their bikes.

Joining them on a bike with training wheels or stabilisers doesn’t always feel quite the same. They can feel left out and left behind.

But if you buy a Strider Bike they'll feel much more like they're riding a, ‘big bike,’ plus they'll love the independence and accomplishment of teaching themselves while playing with other kids.

6. Strider Bikes help kids learn to use a ‘big bike’ sooner.

Did you know that kids who learn with a balance bike have been known to progress to pedals at ages 3-4 rather than children who learn with training wheels or stabilisers at around 5-6?

This is because your child is more confident and independent. They’ve learned how to balance themselves, (without a fretting parent at their side,) and are ready to graduate to the next level!

If you need help choosing a Strider Bike for your child, just get in touch and we'll give you a hand.

Keep Striding! 

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