Let’s get the little ones riding to school ...

At Strider Bike we love to encourage children of all ages to use their bikes to get to school.

As you may well have seen, there's been a lot of coverage in the media around the congestion on roads outside school gates when schools start and end in many areas across the UK.

This is highly frustrating for everyone concerned and, as many media reports have shown, can put both children and adults at risk.

Many people even use the car when the school their children attend is only a few minutes away!

The shocking facts about riding to school …

Or not, as the case may be.

A recent study by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow took a survey of 166 children and found that only half either walked or cycled to school and parents actually needed to be convinced of the benefits of them doing so.

Dr David Rowe, a Reader in Exercise Science in the University of Strathclyde’s School of Psychological Sciences and Health, who led the research, explained:

“Exercise is an indispensable part of children’s health and wellbeing and is vital in tackling the increasing obesity problem worldwide.
The journey between school and home provides an ideal opportunity for physical activity but it is by no means always taken.”

Let’s face it, children who have a Strider Bike usually want to use it at every available opportunity!

Sustrans - ‘Get Britain Cycling.’

Sustrans are an amazing organisation whose vision is clear:

By 2020 they want 4 out of 5 local journeys to be made by bike, foot or public transport. That's double the current figure.

And we support this Vision wholeheartedly - particularly their Get Britain Cycling Report.

Sustrans gets them riding to school

There are huge benefits to be gained from the initiatives laid out in this report. They include easing pressure on the NHS, as well as cutting congestion. Ultimately, they want to make the UK one of the cleanest and healthiest places to live in the world.

And what better way to start supporting this initiative than getting your little ones (and big ones!) riding to school?

The Big Pedal - be a Superhero …

Powered by Sustrans and funded by The Bike Hub, The Big Pedal is a major countrywide initiative involving schools across the UK.

The idea is to get as many children, and adults, riding to school, and recording the length of their journeys. The winning schools are those that clock up the most miles! They publish leader board on their website so you can follow the results.

It’s great fun, hugely rewarding and is topped off on the last day with a Superhero Fund Raising Day where thousands of children across the UK transform themselves into their favourite superhero for the day and really strut their stuff!

Superhero Fund Raising Day

We strongly recommend you get your child’s school involved next year if you haven't already.

Striding to school?

With all this buzz around riding to school we are of course keen to hear about your experiences using Strider Bikes for this purpose.

We’ve opened up a thread in our Facebook Group for you to do just that. Here’s a couple of the lovely comments we’ve had so far.

“They, [the kids], do love cycling to school as it's quicker and easier than walking so they've told me and it definitely wakes them up and they seem more alert we often play little games on the way to pass the time and they generally then have a little fruit snack before going into school.”

“The Strider is so light, I carry it home after dropping Rufus off at pre-school then carry it back to collect him. I could probably leave it there but then I think all the kids would fight over having a go on it!”

So all that remains for us to say is: Keep Striding - To School! 

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