Strider Balance Bike Racing - Cyclopark, Kent, 2016

Strider Balance Bike Racing is for every child that owns a Strider Balance Bike. Strider families meet up year on year, the kids race and we have been told by many families that a Strider Race Day is one of the most entertaining family days out to be had.



On the 4th September, 50 children aged from 14 months met up at the Cyclopark in Kent to bike race on their balance bikes. Some go backwards, some slowly and some of our more experienced riders were demonstrating skills Team GB would be proud of.


Strider Bike Racing is the grassroots entry to so many sports, and not all on two wheels. Confidence soars in front of crowds, coordination improves and by giving kids a chance to be competitive, lots of important life skills are being taught whilst the child remains blissfully unaware of the learning process. They are simply learning to ride a bike and having fun with new friends.


Mind you it is fair to say we do see some awesome bike race action!

The 4 & 5 years consider themselves balance bike racing experts - most have already been racing 2 or 3 years by this point so they tend to fight it out however there are always more laughs and giggles than tantrums. The 5 year old final never fails to amaze us as to how skilled these kids are.


The results from the racing:

2 years and under

1st Plate 218 Viggo Robson

2nd Plate 217 Robin Shailer

3rd Plate 208 Seth Golding

3 Years

1st Plate 307 Jasper Cottle

2nd Plate 311 Casey Lister

3rd Plate 313 Moses Bigley

4 Years

1st Plate 406 Riley-Ray Barrow

2nd Plate 405 Alfie Nott

3rd Plate 409 Lincoln Sewell

5 Years

1st Plate 503 Trey Labasse

2nd Plate 504 Leo Watson

3rd Place Miah Sewell


This weekend (18th September, 2016) Strider Bike UK are running a new style Strider event - the Strider Downhill Cup at the MTB Downhill Series in Llangollen. 40 pre-registered children will ride their Strider Bikes through the light beams on a specially designed mini downhill course and climb the same podiums as the worlds top riders will a few hours later in the day.

2017 will see a change in Strider registration as only owners of genuine Strider Bikes will be able to join in. Over the last 6 years we have hired Strider's at races, to allow others a chance to join in, but due to demand from our own customers for race slots we will not be in a position to offer the hire service next year.

Buy a Strider and come and join us for the 2017 Race season. We even include a FREE race with every purchase of a 12" Strider Bike. Dates are already being announced so save 24th September, 2017 for the Cyclopark, Kent.


Karen and Gary, Strider Bike UK

Photos courtesy of BMX Widow Photography


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