Results from Birmingham Strider Cup sponsored by Wright Hassall

What a day of fast and furious Strider Cup balance bike racing!

Toddlers from as young as 18 months and some still in nappies were to experience being the first riders ever on the brand NEW permanent Strider Cup Track in the UK and Ireland at Birmingham Bike Park.

Little legs flew past over the custom built mini Strider BMX track, perfectly designed around Strider Racing. The 4 year and over category was fast and furious and a real fight for the win.  We ended up with just over 80 registered racers! Happy, smiling faces received medals with trophies for the champions in  the 2 and under, 3, 4 & over classes. What a wonderful day of making new friends, riding, and racing!

Here is what Helen Rickards, mum to Madeleine and Oscar had to say

"We've just experienced our second strider cup race at Birmingham, these events are like nothing I've ever seen before.  Parents coming together from all over the uk to join together and share what all our toddlers love, strider bike riding. 

The races are extremely well run and gives our children the opportunity to gain some valuable lessons and skills, some get the concept at an extremely young age and the atmosphere is full of warmth and encouragement even in torrential rain.  I can't believe these opportunities exist for my 2 year old twins and we are so thrilled to be a part of it."

Don't forget, everyone who participated is welcome to attend the Strider Cup World Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah July 21st and July 22nd. We know some of you are already making plans. Be sure to book your hotel soon!

A huge thank you to all the racers, their families, and to our Title sponsor, Wright Hassall, for sponsoring the trophies. A big thanks also to Birmingham Bike Park employees and their children for helping us and hosting the event. Moonscape tracks for creating the International Standard of Strider Balance Bike tracks - if you want a track built, even in your own back garden, get in touch with Mark.
We had a wonderful time with you Birmingham. Thank you for the hospitality!

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A film and the photo's of the event are coming soon!

So to the results of the Strider Cup, Birmingham, UK. 20/05/17





2years and under

1 Marshall queenan 229
2 Harley-James Barrow 226
3 Preston Newmarsh-Pow 223
4 Oscar Smith 209
5 Lilly Mitchell 214
6 Ella Lamb 221
7 Freddie Fickling 210
Sofia Kostka 216
Stanley Willoughby 217
Alexandra Canning 212
11 Tobias Groves 215
Titan Gostincar 228
13 Logan Pockett 202
Madeleine Rickards 218
15 Isabelle Archer 211
16 Tristan Lin 201
17 Jessica Spanswick 203
William Nott 213
Fynley Cooper-Thomas 227
Erik godbeer 230
21 Grace Carter 208
Luke Priest 220
23 Rusty Paige 204
Oscar Rickards 219
Emily Evans 224
26 Akihiko Kitagawa 206
Jaxon Chapman-Davies 222
DNS Tommy Gethin 205
DNS Fred Atkins 207
DNS Otis Bott 225




1    Sebastian Tagg 314
2    Oscar Ridley 316
3    Oliver Gaskin 311
4    Mason Staddon 318
5    Harry Thorpe 326
6    Maximus Warran 315
7    Viggo Robson 303
   Ashleigh Thompson 307
   George Durkin 327
10    Charlie Green 301
   Esme Nicholson 302
   Seth Golding 310
   Harry Dolman 317
14    Hiromasa Matsushita 306
   Alfie Hill 319
16    Bradley Parkes 312
17    Harry Devine 304
   Jack Shadbolt 320
19    Declan Higgins 305
   William Funnell 309
   Sam Bowden-Williams 313
22    Joshua Riley 323
   Rhianon Grahame-Bell 324
DNS Evelyn Beard 308
DNS Travis Shaw 321
DNS Jamie Hoptrough 322
DNS Ruben Cracknell 325


4years and over

1 Eli Lamb 416
2 Riley-Ray Barrow 405
3 Evan Evans 421
4 Zac Carter  Finalist 406
5 Alfie Nott  Finalist 409
6 Casey Lister 401
7  Makani Paige 403
jayden rowe 423
9 Charlie Mitchell 411
10 Iola Etheridge 404
Molly Kostka 422
Cohan Jagielski 424
13 Daisy Taylor-Knight 417
George Tait 425
15 Wilfred McCarthy 407
Lexi Parkes 410
Jake Dell 412
18 Ethan Christian 415
19 Rufus Valentine 408
DNS Max Beard 402
DNS Logan Matthews 413
DNS George Everest 414
DNS Ffion Griffiths 418
DNS Isla Griffiths 419
DNS Jamsen Tapia 420
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