How Strider Balance Bike Racing works

Strider Racing: designed to inspire children to want to ride their bikes with others, have fun and enjoy friendly competition.

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Gary and I, Karen, Emma, (our daughter that runs registration) and my son, Josh (who is a walking talking info board on race day), would like to welcome you to Strider Balance Bike Racing!

If this is your family's first visit don't stress it. All will become clear throughout the event but please listen for announcements!

strider family

To help you out a little, here are a few answers to questions we often get asked...

• All children have an individual race number shown on their race plate. The plates are given out when the child is checked into the registration area on the morning of the race. You are welcome to keep the race plate as a souvenir. Please remove old race plates before coming to the event so we don’t get confused! They must ALWAYS have that plate on their Strider for that day's racing.

• Race Plates for 2-years start with a number e.g. 201. 201 etc, 3-years start with 3 and so on. Check your child is in the right age group!

All children will race in three heats against their own age group.

20170520_080035• Race Heats have been pre-drawn in advance to mix the kids up in each round. Please take note of the three-race heats your child is in. Take a photo of the heat list at the start of the day is easiest…
• Please be at the starting gate area at least 2 heats before. E.g. Heat 35 – please be there when we are racing 33 so we don’t have hold-ups. We have over 72 heats to run. We will shout out an announcement for you, but if you don't hear it then you may miss out.
If your child is not in the start gate when it is their turn to race, they will miss their heat. We will try to squeeze them into another heat, at our discretion, so they get some racing action, but their score in that heat won’t count as its unfair on the others.

Strider Racing Practice Strider Racing Practice

Please do not distract line judges! If your child is really slow, then don't worry. They will still get cheered on and their points registered, but we may start the next heat off before they finish.

Every child gets given points according to where they finish in each heat.
These points are added together and the top 5 go into a final. We may need to have a semi-final if we have more than 5 children with same top scores.
Race Order - It is pretty hard to time the day accurately but here is an outline as to the running order.
All 2-year-old heats. Start 10.15am Sharp
2-year-old Finals.
2-year Podiums and medals – Track open for practice for 3 years plus.
All 3-Year-old heats.
3-year-old Finals
3-year Podiums and medals – Track open for practice for 4 & 5 Years Plus.
4-year-old Round 1 Will be no earlier than a 12.00pm start.
5-year-old Round 1
4-year-old Round 2
5-year-old Round 2
4-year-old Round 3
5-year-old Round 3
4 year Final
5 year Final
4 and 5 Year Medal presentations and podiums.
Parents Conduct Guide
Strider Racing is exciting and we want you to cheer! Cheer loudly and encourage the kids, and that means all kids not just your own, please!
It is important that the kids have a great time and enjoy themselves. We do our absolute best to keep things as fair as possible so to that aim, parents are not allowed to push or assist their child other than encouragement from the side of the course.

We have lots of volunteers on the track that will help your child in case of a spill, tantrum or even if they want to look at beetles. It is all fine. If the kids fall off, our track guys will check that the child is ok and encourage them to continue. Almost always the kids dust themselves off and carry on.

There are fully equipped and qualified 1st Aiders at the event.
Strider Racing is about setting down a child's first competitive experience and we take great care of the kids to not set bad impressions. We do not use photo finishes nor enter into disputes, especially within earshot of the kids.
Any bad language or unsporting behaviour and that person will be asked to leave the venue immediately. Anybody encouraging their child to push another child or act unsportingly will be given a life ban. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to behaviour that ruins the Strider Riders race day.

Photos - Part of registration requires you to sign a disclaimer to allow your child to race and also requests permission for us to take and use photos/videos from the day. The famously talented, bike racing specialist photographer, Suzanne McHugh from BMX Widow Photography is coming back to snap the action. Matthew from Jetpack Squirrel will also be making a video so you can treasure the memories.

If you can't sign to give permission for us to use pictures of your child from the event, it won't affect your racing, but we do need to know at the start, please.

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