Celebrate World Autism Day With a Gift of Balance and Movement ...

April the 2nd is the 8th Autism Awareness Day across the world; a chance to celebrate the features that occur in Autism, and the people who have the condition.

Autism is a developmental condition which affects brain function, and can result in social difficulties, intense focus upon particular hobbies and interests to the exclusion of more general activities, and repetitive behaviour.

Also known as ASD, the condition may also affect how children and adults talk and move. An associated condition, Dyspraxia, which affects motor control and stability, is also common in people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Riding a bike can be very difficult if a child or adult has a form of ASD, so it may be necessary to find other means of helping the them.

Dante Hoffman enjoying his Strider bike Dante Hoffman enjoying his Strider bike

How Balance Bikes can help people with Autism …

When traditional bikes are tricky to master, Strider Bikes are the best option.
Research has shown that these bikes can help to improve stability in a matter of weeks, and stability in all areas was significantly improved during a five-week period.

Strider bikes are built without pedals, so riders concentrate on balancing on two wheels. New kids learning to ride simply learn to balance, steer and lean on the bike, while moving it with their feet.

The ultra-light Strider bikes help children and adults alike to focus and learn how to ride without chains or pedals, providing a simple transition to using pedal bikes later on, if they can and they choose to.

Break down the stages of riding a bike …

Those with ASD can have a longer learning curve than some of their peers, particularly when they are learning something outside their usual skill areas.

Strider bikes help them to progress from walking and sitting on the bike to moving forward and steering. Plus it's so much fun!

People with ASD who have struggled to learn the process of using a bike are now able to use the Strider and get active with their friends and family.

autism awareness day

What people are saying about Strider Bikes …

Parents, family members, and teachers love Strider bikes:

"My son was diagnosed with severe Autism... he struggles with poor core strength and low stamina... the new Strider 16 has opened many riding doors! The best quote I can give you is "I did it! I did it! Straight from [his] mouth!"

"AJ has autism, and loves his new Strider bike... I love it because it helps him learn new skills."

"This bike has been a miracle for my grandson with autism... in only a few hours he was balancing and pushing around the block."

Physical Therapists love Strider Bikes:

"Using the Strider 16 is the perfect tool to integrate balance {&} coordination ... along with giving kids with various challenges... confidence and experience."

"As a paediatric physical therapist, I work with many children with disabilities... I will definitely recommend the Strider 16!"

Many special needs teachers also love Strider Bikes because they've become valuable tools for the development of their students.

According to them, Strider balance bikes give students another way to strengthen their gross motor skills and at the same time increase their self-confidence.

If you need advice on which Strider bike would be best for your child or if you're an adult with Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia or an overlapping condition, please contact us.

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