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Occupational Therapy, Care Homes, Hospices and Hospitals

Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, imagine your young patients eagerly wanting to come and see you again?  Strider bikes are changing how kids view some of the treatment they have to receive.  The desire for mobility and the excitement of riding a bike have kids eager to exercise.  Plus, the simple design and functionality of design help build balance and gross motor skill all while having fun, even for kids with injuries, illnesses, or special needs.

If you manage a Care home and are looking for easy ways to introduce gentle exercise in a fun, back to basics way then the 20" adult balance bikes could be for you?

If you are an organisation that is looking to include Strider Balance Bikes in your environment then you could also benefit from our Strider Rider Fund where we donate free bikes to organisations that are eager to involve the work we do.

Strider Bike UK work in hospitals