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Learn to Ride

Learn to rideIt is always important for a child to have the right types of exercise enabling them to grow and develop, and statistics suggest that 3 hours of exercise a day is vital for a toddler’s development.

So step one is learning how to ride a bike at home:

  • Find a safe place to practice - Short grass or tidy gravel is a good place to start, so if your child does fall over they won’t hurt themselves, but this surface is a little more difficult to ride on then concrete. Whichever you decide, ensure it consists of flat areas and gentle slopes. 
  • Adjust the saddle height - This is vital; ensure the child's feet are flat on the floor and both knees have a little bend in them while seated, making sure you adjust the handlebar every couple of months.
  • Let your child walk with the bike - When your child is walking with the bike while seated, begin supporting your child so that they feel comfortable enough to have the confidence to begin riding the bike. 
  • Let the child set the speed themselves - Don't force your child to start riding until they are comfortable, all children have different paces from one another.

Everyone can ride a STRIDER balance Bike

STRIDER Education Lessons

Why not pop down to a strider lesson? The advantages include;

  • Singing songs and interacting with other children
  • Increased balance and coordination
  • Developing an extraordinary amount of confidence
  • Graduating with a certificate of accomplishment

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Strider Adventure ZoneStrider Adventure Zones

Come along to the Strider adventure zones, 18 months to 5 year old kids LOVE the Strider; make it a fun day out for the whole family whilst at the same time giving your toddlers that boost of confidence. Children can ride the obstacles or can be cordoned off in one flat area to try them for the first time, enhancing their skills and developing their balance and motor skills.

Children with special needs CAN learn how to ride

Over and over again we have heard parents explain how they were told that their children would not learn how to ride a bike, and we came up with the solution - the Strider bike. Time and time again we have heard how fantastic children are doing at riding. The Strider makes it easy and adaptable; contact us for further information on the product.